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Bear Market | What Is Bear Market | Bear Market Explained

Cryptocurrency May Be Decentralized Or Dissociated From Centralized Financial Institutions But It Shares Similar Traits With Our Traditional Financial System.

So, If You’re Looking Into Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Real Estate, Or Any Other Asset, There Is A Common Way The Market Is Usually Described. You May Have Heard Of The Bull And Bear Market. But In This article, We Will Focus On The Bear Market And What It Means For Investors Like You And I. So, Buckle Up And Prepare For Crypto bloom To Answer All Of Your Bear Market Questions In The Simplest Way Possible. Let’s Jump Right In.

The Term Bull And Bear Are Used To Describe How The Markets Are Performing. So, If The Conditions Are Doing Good And They Are Rising, It Is Called A Bull Market. But If The Market Conditions Are Doing Bad And Things Are Declining Then It Is A Bear Market.

Understanding Market Trends: Bull vs. Bear

The terms “bull” and “bear” are fundamental to understanding how markets perform. A bull market signifies favorable conditions with rising values. Conversely, a bear market reflects a downturn, where values are declining. Specifically relating to cryptocurrencies, a bear market occurs when there’s a 20% drop from recent highs and the downward trend persists.

Bear Market Rally and Its Impact

It’s interesting to note the concept of a “bear market rally,” a temporary uptick within the broader context of a market downturn. These brief rallies can often mislead investors about the market’s direction, emphasizing the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies compared to more traditional markets.

Navigating Through a Bear Market

In a bear market, the supply of coins exceeds demand, causing prices to fall further as investors sell off their holdings in panic. This sell-off contradicts the foundational investment principle of buying low and selling high, especially if the invested coin holds utility and potential for recovery. Despite the bear market’s challenges—including potential closures of funds and layoffs within established crypto companies—it offers a unique opportunity for strategic investing.

Bear Market vs. Bull Market: A Comparative Overview

Understanding the difference between a bear market and a bull market is crucial for any investor. While a bull market offers a conducive environment for growth, a bear market, despite its challenges, can present opportunities for purchasing assets below their perceived market value.

Indicators of a Bear Market in Cryptocurrency

Lower trading volumes can signal a bear market, indicating investors’ reluctance due to market uncertainty. A lack of or negative sentiment around cryptocurrency, whether on social media or in mainstream media, can also suggest a bear market. Such speculative indicators, combined with a general distrust among analysts and economists, often point towards prolonged market downturns.

The Historical Context of Bear Markets

Examining bear market history reveals patterns and perhaps insights into bear market average lengths, helping investors anticipate and strategize around these downturns. Despite the unpredictability inherent in timing the market, understanding past bear markets provides a framework for navigating future uncertainties.

Investing During a Bear Market

The bear market can be daunting, yet it offers seasoned investors the opportunity to capitalize on lower asset prices. The key challenge remains in identifying when the market has hit its bottom—a feat only achieved by a few.

So, What Is A Bear Market Related To Cryptocurrency?

The Bear Market In Cryptocurrency Is When The Market Experiences A Decline And The Value Of Cryptocurrencies Has Fallen By At Least 20% And Still Remains Its Decline Trend.

When The Crypto Market Has Been Enjoying Previous Highs And Then Begins To Experience A Dip Or A Decline Of 20% And Is Still Falling, Then It Is A Bear Market. And A Perfect Example Of The Crypto Bear Market Is The Famous Cryptocurrency Crash In 2017. This Happened When Investors Saw A Huge Fall From $20,000 To $3,200 In Just A Few Days.

Interestingly, The Term ‘bear’ Is Said To Have Been Inspired By The Bear’s Fighting Style. Apparently, A Bear Starts On High Ground And Then Proceeds To Attack Downwards With Its Claws And With Its Weight Pushing Down On Its Victim. Just Being Transparent With You Guys, I Had No Idea This Was The Case But No One Is Beyond A Quick Google Search

As Such, The Bear Market Experiences A Downward Trend. And This Downward Trend Measures Significant Falling Prices That Happen Over A Short Period Of Time Just Like The Famous 2017 Crypto Crash.

And Since The Cryptocurrency Market Is Way More Volatile When Compared To Traditional Markets, It Is Not Uncommon Or Surprising To See A Downward Spiral Of Up To 85% Which Is What Investors Have Experienced In Mid-may Of 2022 With Blue Chips Such As Luna And Stable Coins Such As Ust Plummeting Over 90% In Just A Couple Days. Ust Proved To Be As Stable As Every Karen You Would See On Tik Tok.

When Everyday Investors Begin To See The Downward Decline In The Value Of The Cryptocurrency, They Begin To Lose Confidence In It And This Can Lead To A Further Decline In The Currency.

However, Since Cryptocurrency And Volatility Work Hand In Hand, A 20% Drop In Its Value Could Just Be A Weird Thursday. And In Crypto, It Has Been Said That It Is Not Truly A Bear Market Until There Are Real Consequences.

Consequences Such As Funds Closing, Startups Shuttering, Or Even Established Crypto Companies Announcing Layoffs. In The Bear Market, The Supply Of Crypto Coins Is More Than The Demand For Them. This Puts Fear In The Hearts Of Investors And Some Then Sell Their Holdings Out Of Panic, Which Results In The Value Falling Further And Creating A Downward Spiral Effect.

In A Bear Market, Investors Are Selling Rather Than Buying Which Is Contrary To The Investment Principle. You Should Always Buy Low And Sell High No Matter How Much Sell Pressure There Is In The Market. Especially If The Coin You Have Invested In Has Utility And Showing Promise Of Coming Back With An Up Trend Once The Market Conditions Enhance.

In The Traditional Market, There Are Some Tools And Systems That Help Them To Recognize Bearish Signals Or Trends. But With Cryptocurrency, It Is So Volatile That Even A Simple Tweet From Someone Like Kevin O Leary Or Elon Musk Can Cause A Major Uptrend Or Downtrend.

However, There Are Some Other Indicators Of An Emerging Crypto Bear Market Such As A Lower Trading Volume. This Means That Investors Are Holding On To Their Coins Because Of The Uncertainty In The Market.

Also, You Could Identify That Cryptocurrency Is Experiencing A Bear Market When There Is No Talk Or Negative Talk About The Currency On Social Media Or In Mainstream Media. When There Is A General Distrust In Cryptocurrency Among Analysts And Economists, Speculatively It Could Also Be A Sign Of A Bear Market.

So What Does The Bear Market Mean For Investors?

As We Mentioned Earlier, In A Bear Market, The Decline In The Value Of The Assets Would Cause Investors To Lose Confidence In The Currency, And In Their Effort To Not Make A Complete Loss, They Sell Their Assets For A Lower Price And This, In Turn, Drives The Value Lower.

But For Investors, The Bear Market Can Also Be A Good Thing. How You Ask? It Allows Investors Or Crypto-traders To Purchase Assets Way Below Its Perceived Market Value, Especially When The Price Is At Its Lowest. However, It Is Difficult For Investors To Know Exactly When A Bear Market Has Ended Or When It Will End. This Is Referred To As Timing The Market. Which Only A Hand Few Have Done Successfully But Never Consistently.

This In Turn Hinders Investors From Taking A Leap And Buying The Low-value Crypto Because They Are Also Unsure If It Will Recover Or Go Down Even Lower. But If An Investor Is Able Have An Educated Guess To Know When A Bear Market Is Coming, Or When One Is About To End, It Can Make All The Difference.

With This Special Weapon, Investors Will Be Able To Buy Low During The Bearish Market While Enjoying The Benefit Of Lower Crypto Prices. And They Will Be Able To Sell High And Have A Higher Chance Of Making A Profit When The Bullish Market Comes.

A Bear Market For Investors Could Mean That You Would Lose Money If You Sell In A Panic, Or That You Could Make Money If You Are Patient And Don’t Sell. There Are Ways To Mitigate Your Risk However If You Are Unsure If A Negative Downtrend Will Continue Or Not Which Is Dcaing. Or Dollar Cost Averaging, In Which You Would Invest A Steady Amount Of Capital Over A Period Of Time, Consistently Into A Coin Or Crypto Industry No Matter What The Market Is Doing.

For Example, Let’s Say Timmy Works A 9-5 Job And He Is Able To Invest An Extra $1000 Per Month After Paying Bills And Saving Up To Go On A Vacation With His Family. He Would Then Invest $1000 Every Single Month Into Let’s Say, Ethereum No Matter What The Chart Looks Like Or How High Or Low The Coin Is Valued At. This Would Be Because He Is Investing For The Long Term In Hopes That Once The Market Readjusts, He Will See Profit Over A Longer Period Of Time While Not Stressing About What The Market Is Doing On An Hour By Hour Or Daily Basis. Timmy Is Smart, If You Get Anything Out Of This article, Just Learn To Be A Bit More Like Him, And You’ll Be More Than Alright In The Bear Market Trends.

If You Are An Investor In Crypto, There Is One Thing You Must Know And One Cardinal Rule You Must Adhere To. You Must Know That The Crypto Market Is Quite Volatile Which Means It Can Be Up Today And Down Tomorrow.

And The Cardinal Rule Is That You Must Always Invest In Crypto The Amount Of Money That You Can Afford To Lose.  Always Carry Out Your Research Before You Invest In Any Cryptocurrency. The Bear Market Comes With Its Unique Risks Just Like Any Other Strategy In Trading.

So To Be Kept Afloat In A Bear Market, Stay Current On Cryptocurrency News And Find A Way To Understand And Proactively Identify Bear Market Trends To The Best Of Your Ability.

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